Jen (d1fferences) wrote in kelisfans,


Hey , Some Kelis Icons..


2. 3.

4. 5. 6.

7. 8. 9.



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Go join hip_hopicons Go, GO,GO!
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*swipes 1 and 5 and 9* hey can you make one with lyrics from 'millionaire'?
Sure , I'll just post in a comment when I'm done. =)

thank you so much *much credit* lol, credit, millionaire! lol
i love them
mind if i take them for use on the ultimatekelis message boards?
ill credit u
and also if u make animated ones..ill love ya lol
Thanks =)
And no I don't mind at all...
But is ultimatekelis having bandwidth issues right now or something?
I'm gonna post regulary with icons and such 'coz this community is slowwwww.
yeah were down right now
apparently 200 gb is not enough lol
Any idea when its gonna be back up?
Also , are there actually any pictures of Kelis and Nas is the gallery?
I tried to find some but gave up.
The site is awesome by the way.
there are like 30-40 pics of kelis and nas..i have a lot some i have that ive taken..but yeah the site should be back by monday
You've met him?
Can you remember off the top of your head which category they're under in the gallery?
Sorry for the 20 questions. =/
i know both kelis and nas
and there are like pics of them at the grammys,
lotus party,gra,my afterparty,magazine shoot, fashion show events stuff like that u can check em out when the site gets back
Wow , ok.
Thank you..
I'll look when the sites back up.
no problem hopefully when the site gets back u can join the message boards ;)
Yeah , will do.
great job. im saving 1, 2, 3, 5 ,6 & 8 for future use. i'll credit when i use em.
Okay, =)
added u as a friend
Added. =)
wow omg these are so good! i took 2 3 6 7 and 8 ur soooooooo amazing!!
will credit wen using em!!
love ya